Wine Tasting Anyone?

We have listed wineries world wide for your tasting enjoyment. See your location wineries at

This guide is for information on your wine tasting dreams.  Find answers to wine tasting questions from the basic in and outs of tasting, to what’s going on in your area, to wine discussions, wine events, wine competitions, wine information links and to how to learn about making wine.  Enjoy the level of wine tasting knowledge that feels comfortable to your life style.  It is up to you to take this guide to your level of wine enjoyment.  Wine expert interviews will be found from within this guide to keep current issues lively.

Check out the “Go Wine Tasting” page to find wineries in your local area.  With Location Services turned on, the site will show the closest winery tasting rooms in your area on a Google map.  If these services are turned off, then the site will start your adventure in Napa Valley, California USA.  Tap on the map anywhere in the world to see wineries with tasting rooms within that area.  This page grows weekly as new wineries are added to the database.  Are you a winery not listed?  Send your information to us in the comments section below and we will add you to the map.

If you are looking for the location of a specific winery?  See the “Wineries World Wide” section to obtain the location and website of a particular winery.  At this time, they are listed in alphabetical order.